• Six Reasons why Bespoke Gingerbread Houses make Awesome Corporate Gifts

    We all know that in business, finding unique and creative ways to stand out from the competition is crucial. But sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle to discover that one thing that will get you noticed, and more importantly, get you sales. Bespoke gingerbread houses might not seem like the most obvious marketing …

  • A gingerbread Big Ben made entirely from gingerbread and standing at 4ft 6" tall

    Gingerbread Big Ben

    I love all the houses we do but every once in a while you receive an order which really fires your imagination. When this particular client called and said could we make a gingerbread Big Ben I was literally jumping for joy. As one of London’s most iconic structures it is known the world over …

  • banana loaf sliced on a board

    Banana Loaf Cake

    I’ll let you into a little secret. I absolutely hate, loathe and despise bananas in every shape and form. Au naturel, mashed, chopped up and sprinkled in a fruit salad, flavouring a banoffi pie, it doesn’t matter. They’re all vile to me! On a level with spiders for other people. So it’s pretty impressive that …

  • The Surprising Health Benefits of Gingerbread: Spicing up your Diet

    We all love gingerbread at Christmas – it conjures images of warmth, festivities, and indulgence. However, beyond its delightful taste and aromatic spices, gingerbread also offers a surprising array of health benefits. This article delves into the unexpected ways gingerbread can contribute positively to your well-being, showcasing the potential advantages of incorporating this seasonal delight …

  • the face of fay millar the owner of Brighton Cakes and Gingerbread World

    Bringing back Brighton Cakes

    Once upon a time cakes was my life. Literally. Everything revolved around it – family, kids, health, fitness. And that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I was working too hard, focussing on the wrong areas and running to stand still. Then I had another baby in 2019. Barely a week after he was born I …

  • The Everyday Brilliance of Rocky Road

    Rcoky Road is one of those deliciously moreish treats which I simply can’t get enough of, even though I probably shouldn’t! It’s also a great way to have a good clear out of the biscuit jar and use up the ones that always get left behind. Now I tend to make this recipe with digestives …

  • A huge 3ft tall gingerbread house with red front door and lots of intricate piping over the front

    Biggest Gingerbread House We’ve Ever Made!

    Have you ever wondered how big you can make a gingerbread house? Well, so did we until recently! We made the biggest gingerbread house we’ve ever created, standing tall at 3ft and just under 3ft wide for a client in London who challenged us to make something spectacular for his dining table. I’d be lying …

  • Dancing gingerbread man with gingerbread people in the background

    Father’s Day Gingerbread Ideas

    When it comes to thanking your dad for all he does there’s no better way to do it than a spot of Father’s Day gingberbread. Sadly my dad is no longer with us but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to celebrate the day itself, remembering all the good times. Plus, I have a wonderful …

  • A picture of the crown jewels silver crown with purple base

    The Top Three Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Gingerbread Ideas On The Web

    I had been planning on making Buckingham Palace out of gingerbread for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations but sadly time and life got away from me and while it is in progress it’s not quite ready yet! It will be soon though I promise. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to round …

  • Eurovision vs Gingerbread – Who does it better?

    Eurovision is the ultimate cheese – car crash telly so bad it’s actually really really good. And with the 2022 final almost upon us it’s as good a time as ever to look back on some of the more memorable acts (as well as those we’d rather forget). No doubt this year’s comp will bring …

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