Gingerbread Gifts


Our gingerbread houses make fantastic gingerbread gifts for family and friends and are popular with both young and old. Children love picking off the sweets which cover them whilst grown-ups enjoy the spiced flavour of the gingerbread.

Gingerbread houses are a fantastic alternative to traditional cakes and don’t have to be confined to Christmas. They don’t even have to be gingerbread houses! Instead, we can create whatever you like out of gingerbread whether that is a merry-go-round, a train or even the Brighton Royal Pavilion. Whatever shape you choose to have and for whatever celebration it is bound to be memorable and taste delicious.

Our signature gingerbread recipe is just the right mixture of chewiness and firmness – so you get an amazing creation, which tastes fantastic but doesn’t break your teeth.

Every gingerbread house or creation is decorated in a unique way with chocolates and sweets. We can add a personalised message and sugar figurines to suit your theme. We can even fill the insides with sweets, cakes or our very own homemade marshmallows.

Naturally, they are popular at Christmas and make a great alternative to Christmas fruitcake but they are also fantastic all year round. They also make brilliant corporate gingerbread gifts and can be embellished with your logo if you are looking for something alternative to thank your customers with during the festive season. Just imagine how well a branded gingerbread house would go down with your staff and clients alike!

Did you know we can brand our kits and houses with your company logo? Click here to find out more

Need help putting your kit together? Visit our  tutorials page for all the help and inspiration you need!

A colourful decorated gingerbread house
a pretty pink and green gingebread house
a very colourful gingebread house with candy canes on the front
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