• Best Vegan Sweets for your Vegan Gingerbread House

    Decorating a vegan gingerbread house at Christmas is, for me, one of the loveliest things I get to do with my kids and finding the best vegan sweets for it isn’t as hard as you think. With ever-growing numbers of people turning vegan, there is a dazzling array of tasty treats that contain no animal …

  • birds eye view of courgette and lime loaf cak

    Courgette and Lime Cake

    I’m big into growing my own vegetables but this past summer growing season has been a bit like the weather here in Blighty, a bit meh. My tomatoes became diseased adn failed miserably, my cucumbers didn’t really make it off the starting line and my onions were about the size of a an anorexic golf …

  • a pretty pink and green gingebread house

    Eight unusual gingerbread decorating ideas

    Thought you had to stick to sweets when you decorate your gingerbread? Think again. These gingerbread decorating ideas will open up a whole new world of creativity for you: Breakfast cereals Brightly coloured, shaped, saccharine – breakfast cereals are a perfect choice for gingerbread house decorating. Mini Shreddies make great roof panels while Fruit Loops …

  • Virtual team building with gingerbread

    The Coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down last year for everyone, myself included. But it wasn’t all bad news and opened up a new world of possibilities including gingerbread house virtual team building workshops. With everyone socially distanced or isolating it proved to be a wonderful way to get people back together (at least …

  • The hand-made eatable gingerbread houses and New Year Tree with snow decoration

    Why Thanking Your Clients With Gingerbread Houses Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

    Business is great and you’ve got more customers than you can shake a stick at but anyone who’s ever run a company knows it can change in a heartbeat. So how do you keep them happy and your bottom line healthy?Customers really are your best asset along with your staff. And customer appreciation can go …

  • The Best Gingerbread Icing for Gluing your House Together

    Choosing the best gingerbread icing for your house You’ve spent hours choosing your sweets, piping amazing swirls and adding just the right amount of sprinkles to your house. You finally stick it together and step back to marvel at your masterpiece. But then disaster strikes. The roof starts sliding, the walls cave in and in …

  • The History of Gingerbread

    Gingerbread is enjoyed around the world by millions who love nothing more than building the traditional house for Christmas. No other sweet encapsulates the holiday season more than gingerbread with its distinctive taste and heady, spiced aroma. And the anticipation of sticking dozens of sweets on a house, making it the centrepiece of the festive …

  • White buttercream wedding cake with sugar roses cascading down the front

    The Ultimate American Buttercream Recipe

    What’s the most important part of your cake? The crumb texture? The lightness of the sponge? The flavour? The topping? For me, it’s gotta be the buttercream! Buttercream can take a fairly average sponge and inject it with life, contrasting flavours, rich tastes and sumptuousness. You can get away with using margarine in a cake, …

  • Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cake Recipe

    This dark chocolate and raspberry cake is one of my absolute favourite cake recipes and it’s pretty popular with clients too. Chocolate can be really rich on its own and I like using raspberry to offer some freshness to the flavour. This dark chocolate and raspberry cake recipe provides the perfect balance between the two. …

  • money cake cake tips

    Seven thrifty cake tips to save you £££

    Whether you’re a professional baker turning out creations for the paying public or a keen home baker catering to friends and family, saving a few pounds on your cake decorating costs is no bad thing. Having been in this business for a while I’ve come with a few cost-saving cake ideas to keep your overheads …

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