• A gingerbread Big Ben made entirely from gingerbread and standing at 4ft 6" tall

    Gingerbread Big Ben

    I love all the houses we do but every once in a while you receive an order which really fires your imagination. When this particular client called and said could we make a gingerbread Big Ben I was literally jumping for joy. As one of London’s most iconic structures it is known the world over …

  • The Surprising Health Benefits of Gingerbread: Spicing up your Diet

    We all love gingerbread at Christmas – it conjures images of warmth, festivities, and indulgence. However, beyond its delightful taste and aromatic spices, gingerbread also offers a surprising array of health benefits. This article delves into the unexpected ways gingerbread can contribute positively to your well-being, showcasing the potential advantages of incorporating this seasonal delight …

  • Dancing gingerbread man with gingerbread people in the background

    Father’s Day Gingerbread Ideas

    When it comes to thanking your dad for all he does there’s no better way to do it than a spot of Father’s Day gingberbread. Sadly my dad is no longer with us but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to celebrate the day itself, remembering all the good times. Plus, I have a wonderful …

  • A picture of the crown jewels silver crown with purple base

    The Top Three Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Gingerbread Ideas On The Web

    I had been planning on making Buckingham Palace out of gingerbread for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations but sadly time and life got away from me and while it is in progress it’s not quite ready yet! It will be soon though I promise. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to round …

  • Eurovision vs Gingerbread – Who does it better?

    Eurovision is the ultimate cheese – car crash telly so bad it’s actually really really good. And with the 2022 final almost upon us it’s as good a time as ever to look back on some of the more memorable acts (as well as those we’d rather forget). No doubt this year’s comp will bring …

  • a savoury gingerbread house

    Do you fancy trying a savoury gingerbread house?

    Have you overindulged at Easter? Chomped on a few too many chocolate eggs perhaps?! If so, maybe it’s time to dial back on the sugar and try your hand at a savoury gingerbread house instead. Full disclosure, I’ve not actually made one yet but I can certainly see the merits in doing so because as …

  • Five things to do with gingerbread this Easter

    Gingerbread is traditionally associated with Christmas but there is literally no good reason not to enjoy it all year round. And Easter gingerbread is definitely a thing (at least I and several other bakeries have decided it is!) Instead of the traditional festive reds and greens, think chocolate-covered confections adorned with lots of pastel pinks, …

  • branded gingerbread house

    Gingerbread biscuits and bakes to lift and motivate your staff

    Taking care of your employees goes far beyond paying them well and making sure they finish on time. They’re one of the most important assets your business has and when they know you genuinely care about them and have their best interests at heart it will pay dividends for you. After all, happy employees are …

  • lebkuchen soft biscuits arranged on sheets of music in a tray

    Lebkuchen Soft German Biscuits

    I’ve been wanting to make Lebkuchen (pronounced Layb-kutchen apparently) for a long time after I picked up a pack in Lidl’s weird and wonderful middle aisle and was hooked. For me they tick all the boxes – a lovely spicey, gingerbread taste, chocolate accents, a little crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy in …

  • Birthday gingerbread cottage decorated in bright colours

    Say it with a birthday gingerbread house!

    Gingerbread is traditionally associated with Christmas but who says it should only be enjoyed a few weeks of the year? A birthday gingerbread house is a novel concept in the UK but one which is catching on slowly but surely thanks to our American cousins where gingerbead is hugely popular all year round. The UK …

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