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  • Rugby Ball Cake

    It was a couple of months ago that we were asked to create a cake for a good friend of mine’s joint 60th birthday. They asked for a simple round or square cake, nothing too fancy, enough to feed 40 people. But in typical Brighton Cakes style we thought that would be really boring so …

  • The Making of the Millennium Falcon Cake

    We have done several Millennium Falcon cakes over the years – some for birthdays, the odd one for weddings – and it is quite clear the enthusiasm for Star Wars remains as strong as ever. As time has gone on we have perfected our techniques for producing Millennium Falcon cakes and after some trial and …

  • head of westie dog cake

    3D Westie Dog Cake

    This 3D Westie dog cake was constructed over three days – a day to bake, time to carve into shape, rest and then finally to cover and add in all the salient details. It was made out of chocolate cake and every part of it is edible though there is some internal structure holding it …

  • A scale Russian doll cake standing next to an original Russian doll from which it was copied

    Russian Doll Cake

    This Russian doll cake was created for a 21st birthday party. The original brief had been maybe a round cake with a picture of a babushka on top or some little babushka dolls around the side. But…we decided to go one better and make the whole cake a Russian doll cake. We borrowed one of …

  • Fender Stratocaster Guitar Cake

    Last week I was asked to make a copy of a Fender Stratocaster for a 40th birthday cake and this is the result. The cake itself was a very sophisticated coffee and walnut using real espresso – not a flavour I have done much recently but I had forgotten how nice it tastes. The body …

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