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  • A gingerbread Big Ben made entirely from gingerbread and standing at 4ft 6" tall

    Gingerbread Big Ben

    I love all the houses we do but every once in a while you receive an order which really fires your imagination. When this particular client called and said could we make a gingerbread Big Ben I was literally jumping for joy. As one of London’s most iconic structures it is known the world over …

  • The Surprising Health Benefits of Gingerbread: Spicing up your Diet

    We all love gingerbread at Christmas – it conjures images of warmth, festivities, and indulgence. However, beyond its delightful taste and aromatic spices, gingerbread also offers a surprising array of health benefits. This article delves into the unexpected ways gingerbread can contribute positively to your well-being, showcasing the potential advantages of incorporating this seasonal delight …

  • A huge 3ft tall gingerbread house with red front door and lots of intricate piping over the front

    Biggest Gingerbread House We’ve Ever Made!

    Have you ever wondered how big you can make a gingerbread house? Well, so did we until recently! We made the biggest gingerbread house we’ve ever created, standing tall at 3ft and just under 3ft wide for a client in London who challenged us to make something spectacular for his dining table. I’d be lying …

  • branded gingerbread house

    Gingerbread biscuits and bakes to lift and motivate your staff

    Taking care of your employees goes far beyond paying them well and making sure they finish on time. They’re one of the most important assets your business has and when they know you genuinely care about them and have their best interests at heart it will pay dividends for you. After all, happy employees are …

  • Front of birthday gingerbread house

    Gingerbread is not just for Christmas…

    A quick whizz through all the lovely things you can do, have with gingerbread other than at Christmas

  • Best Vegan Sweets for your Vegan Gingerbread House

    Decorating a vegan gingerbread house at Christmas is, for me, one of the loveliest things I get to do with my kids and finding the best vegan sweets for it isn’t as hard as you think. With ever-growing numbers of people turning vegan, there is a dazzling array of tasty treats that contain no animal …

  • Virtual team building with gingerbread

    The Coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down last year for everyone, myself included. But it wasn’t all bad news and opened up a new world of possibilities including gingerbread house virtual team building workshops. With everyone socially distanced or isolating it proved to be a wonderful way to get people back together (at least …

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