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  • a pretty pink and green gingebread house

    Eight unusual gingerbread decorating ideas

    Thought you had to stick to sweets when you decorate your gingerbread? Think again. These gingerbread decorating ideas will open up a whole new world of creativity for you: Breakfast cereals Brightly coloured, shaped, saccharine – breakfast cereals are a perfect choice for gingerbread house decorating. Mini Shreddies make great roof panels while Fruit Loops …

  • White buttercream wedding cake with sugar roses cascading down the front

    The Ultimate American Buttercream Recipe

    What’s the most important part of your cake? The crumb texture? The lightness of the sponge? The flavour? The topping? For me, it’s gotta be the buttercream! Buttercream can take a fairly average sponge and inject it with life, contrasting flavours, rich tastes and sumptuousness. You can get away with using margarine in a cake, …

  • Two children having fun in the kitchen

    Six reasons why kids’ cake decorating is a great idea

    I recently taught my daughter’s class (all 30 of them) to decorate cupcakes as an end of term treat. It wasn’t the heart attack-inducing experience I thought it would be and I am constantly amazed at how engaged and creative the children become when they’re given something they like. Even the two naughtiest boys in …

  • Making the Perfect Christmas Cake Part 3 – Decoration

    Okay so once you have got your cake covered in marzipan then the next step is covering it in fondant. Any supermarket fondant will do but you may prefer a particular brand. Knead it really well so it is nice and warm. Fondant contains glucose which warms with your hands as you knead it – …

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