Bespoke Gingerbread

Yes, gingerbread houses are traditional, yes, they can be beautiful but who says they have to come in one size?!

Just like the houses you see on the street they can be made to look completely different from one another. We can also create a whole host of other things out of gingerbread too – the Brighton Pavilion, the helter skelter, Santa’s Sleigh and the North Pole station. Want your house reproduced in gingerbread for the festive season? Then it’s possible.

If there’s something you fancy being made in gingerbread, why not get in touch and see what we can create for you.

Bespoke gingerbread design starts from £150 and is dependent on the complexity and scale of the project with costs ranging from several hundred pounds to several thousand.

Did you know we can brand our kits and houses with your company logo? Click here to find out more

Need help putting your kit together? Visit our  tutorials page for all the help and inspiration you need!

A colourful decorated gingerbread house
a pretty pink and green gingebread house
a very colourful gingebread house with candy canes on the front
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